Monday, May 28, 2007

Volk's Game by Brent Ghelfi Book Review.txt

Alekei " Volk " Volkovoy leads an interesting life - or should we say a " double life ". He is a military operative who was injured in Russia's Chechnya war. He is also a big time gangster involved in many illegal activities including drugs and prostitution.

Volk gets a phone call from Maxim. He asked Volk what he knew about art. Volk's answer was " I have a master's degree in history " which is something Aphorism did not necessity to glimpse. Maxim asked Volk to talk to Gromov. One thing you did not do was to say no to Aphorism. Once Gromov arrived he wanted to discuss the " racket opportunity ". Volk insisted that he does not do " partners ".

What are these men after? They right-hand to conduct an art heist of a painting done by DaVinci called Leda and the Swan from a hidden chamber in St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum.

Experienced were several characters that would be playing an crucial role in the art larceny. One of the most interesting characters was the General.

The chronicle gets very interesting because Volk is really indebted to the two men involved - the General and Maxim. Which one will he betray? Will it cost him his life?

This is a well - written book and one in which the author's very descriptive writing style creates an atmosphere where the reader will endure like they are stand up there in Moscow taking part in this feature. The characters are well drawn and do an excellent part in bringing this apologue together. Readers will find Volk to be an interesting, complicated character who is completely different from other leading characters they have read about in the past. You soon learn that he is a person you don't want raving at you. Even though he goes on some rampages, you can't help but like him. The book is fast paced, has many twists in the plot and leave keep the reader interested throughout the story. If you are looking for an adventuresome book to read, be sure to add this one to your list!

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