Monday, May 28, 2007

‘call If You Need Me’ By Carver

Raymond Carver is a famous writer whose importance in American literature is impossible to overestimate. His prose is exceptional, accurate and clear. In the 1980s a deep interest and vivid representation of the private lives of Carver’s characters became an innovation in literature of that time. ‘Call if You Need Me’ contains five brilliant stories which give the last look on the writer’s works. Reading his stories a person gets only a pleasure.

Raymond Carver’s book ‘Call if You Need Me’ appeared succeeding the author’s death. It is a complete collection of fiction and it includes all of the prose placid in ‘No Heroics’ and five stories which were written by Carver in the second part of his life. The book ‘Call if You Need Me’ is a collection of stories which describe lives and wee crises of unambitious people. The story ‘Call if You Need Me’ displays author’s unique prose style as he puts his characters, ordinary people, to solve everyday problems, homely crises – in a word, ordinary life problems.

The plot structure of the story ‘Call if You Need Me’ consists of the main elements: front in which the author introduces characters, vicinity of boost of events; rising action, in other vociferation, the circumstance of several characters; climax, or turning point of the whole story; falling action and resolution. The author does not invent incredible things; he composes the plot of the story showing common situations in life. Every reader can be hard of Carver’s talent, his inadvertent and immediate writing having read the story. ‘Call if You Need Me’ is about the dissolution of a long - term matrimonial, one of the extreme themes of his stories.

The first bite of the plot structure ( exposition ) in this yarn is the introduction of a married append who figure to spend the summer well-balanced renting a summer place far from their setup. This adjudication and the change of conditions is only an attempt to maintain their relationships. Inasmuch as, this is the beginning of the end of their married life. Rising action takes situation when a couple discusses the possibility of having a dog. The episode with a dog is indicative. This abstract from the story clearly demonstrates that these people will not live together and their attempt to ‘repair’ their marriage leave not bring positive impact like in the decision to have a dog.

The climax, or turning point, and falling action come when the entwine has the final domination watching wild horses running. No one makes effective scenes like Carver does. The author uses a chitchat ‘magic’ in the description of this moment. Symbolic words are characteristic for Carver’s works. His stories are full of delusive simplicity in the description of characters who attempt to make their lives better. Everyone gets a pleasure from reading them. In every page of ‘Call if You Need Me’, Raymond Carner shows his magnanimity and loyalty to his characters. He pictures relationships of a man and a woman with many nuances.

‘Call if You Need Me’ is a awesome story, beautiful in every description, in every word. Much attention is paid to small details and moments in a couple’s life. Carver uses every word in a description. The author admires actions of people and they are everywhere in a feature. He has a rare ability to look deep into a soul and display the inner feelings. Raymond Carner composes a story according to his plot articulation. He masterly leads his readers to a eventual point in a story. The result, final neb in a story is glaring and the author helps readers to see it.

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