Monday, May 28, 2007

News Anchor Killer

Millions of Americans tune in to the news every night. But what happens when the news itself makes headlines?

A new suspense novel asks just that as it weaves a spellbinding tale of murder and intrigue set in the glamorous, supercompetitive, high - stakes world of network news.

From New York Times best - selling author Mary Jane Clark, " When Day Breaks " ( William Morrow ) follows morning - show veteran and now anchor of the " KEY Evening Headlines, " Eliza Blake, as she investigates the murder of Constance Young, the undisputed star of morning television.

Blake teams up with Annabelle Murphy, who can switch from producing to sleuthing at a moment's notice; charming and fearless cameraman extraordinaire B. J. D'Elia, who adds brains, brawn and a much - needed male perspective to the team; and Dr. Margo Gonzalez, on - air psychiatrist, who understands the complex puzzles of the human mind.

Calling themselves " the Sunrise Suspense Society, " they set out to get to the bottom of the heinous murder, in a case that will test their ingenuity and their courage to the very limits. The deeper they dig, the more twisted the trail to the killer becomes - and the closer they each get to dying, suddenly

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