Monday, May 28, 2007

The Idea Of Garden

Michael Pollan is the author of several books devoted to the problem of conservation of our land, to the ‘idea of a garden’. He is one of those, who have tried to define the nature of controversy. It should be pointed out that nature of controversy is the connection between nature and nurture. This expression is a theme for debates concerning the significance of our inner qualities and our experiences in defining differences of every individual and the nature in general. The nature of controversy is closely connected with the essence of psychological nativism as it determines similar traits in physical appearance and behavior. ‘The Idea of a Garden’ by Pollan describes several approaches to the environment case study, which are discussed bellow.

Nowadays there come about land - use problems and there are those people who simply suggest the proclivity of a garden ethic where people look at the earth as at a great garden. This garden needs people to make it fruitful and marvelous, to conserve the world in this state. This point of view is exemplified in Michael Pollan’s brilliant book ‘The Idea of a Garden’, in which the author appeals to humans for conservation the earth, a great garden. Besides, Michael Pollan criticizes the current efforts for preserving the land and weak environmental efforts, of, for instance, ‘The Nature Conservancy’. Pollan portrays the gardener as a conservationist who uses the land outline as an example. The current studies display great gaps in the present nurse - the - garden line of thought. This nurse - the - garden line of thought is popular that part the success of the environmental issues solving.

‘The Idea of a Garden’ is a well - known book that differs from many others by the messengers who are ordinary people and our neighbors. These people know how to listen to the land as they have done it for many years. There are other similar works relevant to the issue in which some authors argue the politically right terminus of view to environmentalism common in our society promptly. Other authors do not argue, thus, providing a necessary report of views. I can say that ‘The Idea of a Garden’ is a important book, which does touch off stimulating conversations in Ecology.

The Bobbed Haired Bandit By Stephen Duncombe And Andrew Mattson Book Review

If you thought Bonnie and Clyde really pulled off some robberies, wait until you read about this team!

Celia and Ed lived together for several months. Ed bought her an engagement ring. They were soon married and lived well-adjusted in a furnished room. Celia had a job at the nearby Ostrander Company and earned twelve dollars a week. Ed worked at a garage and brought inland thirty dollars a week. They were very happy but did not save any money. Ed kept insisting that Celia permit herself some phat costume.

A short time later, Celia was pregnant. Ed promised her that they would get a real home for the baby. How did he plan to do this? The job he held did not pay very surpassingly but it had some perks. Ed borrowed one of his boss's cars once in a while. Ed worked as a welder at the garage and managed to make some phony license plates to mislead the police. Ed also managed to get some guns and he and Celia would " practice " their hold - ups before doing the real thing. They started by holding up home stores. Due to her hairstyle, Celia became published as the " Bobbed Haired Bandit ".

It didn't take long for the couple to realize that this money would not last very long in consequence they took off for Florida where they were captured soon close the death of their daughter.

The newspapers loved Celia. Journalists were fascinated with her because of her poor childhood and she made the perfect cliffhanger for magazines.

What becomes of Celia and Ed Cooney?

You don't have to read very remarkably of this book to get engrossed in the story. I think, for me, it happened on page one - I was caught. The authors do a unheard-of job in telling the story of these two outlaws. It is very obvious that they spent a great functioning of time doing research for this book. The book includes many photographs of the couple. The authors do an excellent job of portraying Celia's personality and it really comes through. I have never heard of Celia and Ed Cooney - I don't know why but I'm sure brash this book was written. This is a must book to carry to your reading list. It is fast paced, never gets threadbare and takes the reader on one wild ride!

Straits Of Fortune By Anthony Gagliano

Jack is made an offer to do a job for an amount of $100, 000. Is it worth the price? He is not too sure once he gets involved!

Jack Vaughn is a former New York City police officer who is directly working as a personal trainer and has some very wealthy clients. He had a few problems when he was a police harbinger and was just trying to withhold out of trouble.

Something happened one day that could really change Jack's life. He received a call from " The Colonel ". Jack could not figure out what Colonel Patterson was doing in Miami in the heat of summer. Proximate all, anyone with money normally left to go sometime else in the ovenlike weather.

Colonel Patterson was a West Point graduate with a doctorate in chemistry. He immediate his own company, Pellucid Labs, locality he made a fortune. It also didn't hurt that the Colonel had a very admirable daughter - someone that Jack trained for free.

Jack arrived at the Colonel's rack but as they were trying to carry on a casual conversation, Jack noticed the Colonel was not listening to anything he was saying. Instead, the Colonel kept staring out at his yacht. Why?

The Colonel offered Jack 100, 000 to embed the yacht. The yacht had something on board that could put his tomboy, Vivian, in jail. Jack really could use the money but declined the offer - that is until Vivian paid him a appointment wearing a dress that " clung to her hips and fell into the curve of her thigh ". Consequently it did not take too much convincing to make Jack change his mind.

He agrees to sink the yacht. What does he find once he boards the yacht and what happens after he sinks it? Is Jack in that double - crossed? Who can he trust?

Straits of Fortune is one of those books you want to keep on reading no matter how slow it gets in order to find out the conclusion. It is difficult, at times, to find a book that just takes hold of you from the very beginning but this one will do exactly that. This is Anthony Gagliano's debut thriller and you consign find it hard to conclude this is his first book. Jack Vaughn is new character on the noir scene and one that I hope leave result in a series. Readers will enjoy the game being played between the Colonel and Jack and will wonder who will attend out the winner. The author also does a good job in setting the atmosphere with his descriptions of Miami. This is one you don't want to dame. Be sure to add Straits of Fortune to your reading list.

News Anchor Killer

Millions of Americans tune in to the news every night. But what happens when the news itself makes headlines?

A new suspense novel asks just that as it weaves a spellbinding tale of murder and intrigue set in the glamorous, supercompetitive, high - stakes world of network news.

From New York Times best - selling author Mary Jane Clark, " When Day Breaks " ( William Morrow ) follows morning - show veteran and now anchor of the " KEY Evening Headlines, " Eliza Blake, as she investigates the murder of Constance Young, the undisputed star of morning television.

Blake teams up with Annabelle Murphy, who can switch from producing to sleuthing at a moment's notice; charming and fearless cameraman extraordinaire B. J. D'Elia, who adds brains, brawn and a much - needed male perspective to the team; and Dr. Margo Gonzalez, on - air psychiatrist, who understands the complex puzzles of the human mind.

Calling themselves " the Sunrise Suspense Society, " they set out to get to the bottom of the heinous murder, in a case that will test their ingenuity and their courage to the very limits. The deeper they dig, the more twisted the trail to the killer becomes - and the closer they each get to dying, suddenly

Major Themes Revealed In ‘doctor Faustus’

Doctor Faustus was written by Marlowe for the Admiral’s men and staged in 1588. The first Quarto edition was published in 1604. In 1616, an enlarged edition of the play was published containing many comics scenes that were absent in 1604 edition. The contemporary editions of Doctor Faustus depend upon both the above versions of the play.

There are several conflicting traditions at the breathtaking core of Doctor Faustus. There is authenticate of the influence of the traditions of orthodox Christianity, of the reformation, the Renaissance, of Paganism, of individualism and the incipient scientific modernity. The capability of the play lies in its disturbing impact on the audience, both Elizabethan and modern. Doctor Faustus explains a moment in history. Its tragedy is a national or cultural situation. It is the dramatic story of human presumption, temptation, and damnation and fall. Doctor Faustus is a tragic version of audacious human possibilities where Faustus is the antithesis of the protagonists of faith plays. Where the morality play heroes were passionless, Faustus was passionate. If morality heroes are self effacing human beings, Faustus is superhuman in his ambitions.

Doctor Faustus is a Christian morality play. It signaled the refining of the morality play. The play is a human tragedy for not only is Faustus tragically constituted in his boundless ambitions but, the same time, the play questions the effectiveness of the cultural aspirations that build his ambitions. The play provides a mingled interaction between the human dimensions of the dramatic character and the ambiguities and ambivalences of the cultural situation the character is placed in. The play is played out in five Acts. Act I establishes Faustus’ tragedy. Act II unfolds his tragedy in exceptional detail. The egocentric self temptation of Finish I give way to an agonizing combat between the religiously constituted self and the aberrations of its human impulses. Faustus despairs in Deity, a despair that makes him rest his self indulgence for which the King of Devils provides the beauty and the means.

As hopelessness leads to the self indulgent belief that divine totem as well as divine wrath cannot reach him, Faustus signs the pact with the devil giving away his soul in return for his services. The course of Faustus rebellion through the feeler and the fourth Acts is too unheroic. Faustus seeks and Mephistopheles plans a series of comic indulgences mainly to distract the former’s mind from the tormenting religious awareness. As Faustus reaches his rebellious and tragic death in End V, the nature of his death and the attendant torment bespeaks a magnificent tragedy. The tragic conflict does not abate till the end.

The play is a static play of lamentable irresolution. The play stagnates in the middle sections of the inquisition and fourth Acts, so much so that it distracts the audience. Though loose in form and disjointed in its dramatic turn, Doctor Faustus has huge appeal trimmed in the 21st century.

Killing Che By Chuck Pfarrer

In l967 Paul Hoyle resigned from the CIA. He was not without a job very long. Hoyle is taken back into the CIA as an independent contractor - this is the type of person the United States sends secretly to troubled places around the world.

Bolivia is just the virtuous place for a communist takeover. When a Bolivian Horde is ambushed, it does not take long for the spring to send Hoyle to the whereabouts for suspicion that trouble is underivative to brew.

As Hoyle starts to get heavier and deeper into this mission, he starts to have second thoughts about what he is empiricism over there.

It is believed that Che has been killed in the Congo or executed by Fidel Castro but more and more demonstrate is showing that Che may be in charge of this new insurgency. Hoyle tries to remain vigilant until he discovers that both Moscow and Castro want Guervara dead.

Is Hoyle's mission blossoming?

Hold on! That's what you will have to do when you start off reading this book. It has plenty of action and moves at a hot rapidity. Diet Pfarrer is a counterterrorism consultant to the U. S. and superficial governments. The reader will see that his ability has been incorporated into the heart of this autobiography. The author does an excellent job of setting the stage for what takes nook in the novel. If you are looking for a book that is exhilarating, has a great plot and sound - drawn characters, this is the one for you. This book is highly recommended

Factotum By Charles Bukowski

‘Factotum’ is a novel by Charles Bukowski with the main character Henry Chinaski who is considered to be Bukowski's alter ego. The author of the novel ‘Factotum’ is the excellent writer who has the ability to create a vivid picture of the event in order to describe everything in great detail and to make the reader see the entire picture. Bukowski masterly illustrates Chinaski’s utter degradation and unwillingness to move on.

‘Factotum’ is a novel, which masterly depicts Braverman's theory concerning ‘essential antagonism’ in the worker / optimum relationship. Factotum denotes 'a person who performs many jobs'. This consultation describes the meaning of the novel’s phrase. The title of the novel is an old word that means a person who is bus with various activities, jobs. Factotum has turn out from the Latin and denotes ‘to do everything’. Consequently, we can actualize that Chinaski’s stint is not purposive. He changes jobs all the time. He can be compared with an unglued that can perform some tasks if it is pliable to.

It is necessary to affliction that work as purposive action, guided by the intelligence, is the special product of humankind. But humankind is itself the special drill of this form of labor. Marx wrote: By accordingly acting on the over world and vital it, he at the same time changes his own nature. Engels pointed out that the hand is not only the diary of labor, it is also the product of labor. ’

In the novel Henry Chinaski receives and loses many jobs. His long conduct via multitudinous jobs is mixed with alcohol drinks, women and sex relationships, as beefy as with writer’s witty remarks and description of Chinaski’s depression. Movement is the activity that transforms the humankind and develops a person. Since, the major character of the novel is able to perform many functions or jobs and he uses his ability and changes his jobs too much. Henry Chinaski does not have the aim in the life – he wittily lives and writes and drinks.

In the novel, Henry Chinaski considers himself to be a good writer. Little by little he sometimes writes. However, mostly he finds the good luck to drink alcohol and to communicate with women who seduce the writer instead of inspiring him to write down great book. It should be pointed out that Henry Chinaski is in constant antagonism with jobs and the life in general. He is forced to work in order to bring off for a living and this is the only reason he is working:

At first we find Henry Chinaski at splintering huge blocks of ice with a jack hammer. His employer comes and asks him to be a driver as he wants Chinaski to work as mich as possible. Henry Chinaski always follows his employers’ orders but he does not yen to do much trouble. Beside all, the major character enters the first beer barrier having left the truck open. His employer finds him in the bar and fires him. Henry Chinaski have had many jobs: he was driving taxi, selling spare parts for a bicycle, boxing brake shoes, sweeping out a comic book metier, dusting off a giant simulacre, and therefore on. However, he does not perform his work well and loses every job he gets. Henry Chinaski wanders from one city to supplementary, changing jobs outright the time. He just gets fired from all of them for drinking and not performing his exertion in a proper way. Chinaski’s link with his bosses is essentially antagonistic as his gaffer wants to get as much work done as possible while Henry Chinaski tries to do as little as possible to not be really into.

Summarizing, ‘Factotum’ confirms Braverman's theory about naysaying relationships between the worker and the cool. ‘Factotum’ is a typical story of a man who continues dragging out a sad existence. Chinaski is a writer who risks his life man-sized many jobs and other activities in order to find poetry and sense in two opposite extremes of feeling the life – joy and sadness.

Blue Springs by Peter Rennebohm Book Review

Charlie Nash is really looking forward to a hunting trip with his father and dog, Taffy. What he thought would be a good time with his Dad turns out to be a nightmare!

Charlie's father, Frank, is an alcoholic. On the day of the trip, Frank had too much to drink and ran another car off the road, has a confrontation with other hunters and is arrested. The weekend is desperate for Charlie who decides experienced is cipher unattended for him to do but run away from home.

Charlie had a best coin collection forsaken to him by his uncle. Charlie's uncle had told him about a coin dealer. Charlie took the coins to the dealer but soon finds out that the man has died in a strange accident. The dead man's sidekick looked at the coins and realized they were worth a fortune but managed not to mention this to Charlie. Charlie decided not to sell the coins. The coin dealer was not happy to ascertain this and hired a hit man to impress the coins no matter what the cost.

Charlie and Taffy are on their road to a new life but are pursued by two men. One has a score to settle with Charlie's father and the other is meeting the valuable coin collection.

Charlie meets a comrade named Quill and the two become friends and help each other. Quill also has something going on in his life but he wants to do his best to protect Charlie and Taffy.

Peter Rennebohm has written a novel that could only be described as an author writing at his best. The reader will be captivated by this story and it is one that you will look forward to reading each day. The characters are great drawn and the reader will enjoy the moving moments between Quill and Charlie. This book has many ingredients in it to make it a good read - mystery, greed, and adventure. Be sure to add this one to your reading list. This is a novel I highly recommend.

Black Hats By Patrick Culhane - Critical Book Review

Can you imagine Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson on one side and Al Capone on the other? That is exactly what happens in this exhilarating novel by Patrick Culhane.

Wyatt Earp is now seventy and works as a private detective in Los Angeles. Wyatt is wearied but not for long. Kate Greater, the widow of his friend Doc Holliday, asks for his help. Her son, Johnny, has opened a speakeasy in New York and is having some problems with local gangsters - one of them is Al Capone.

Kate proverbial that she did not tell Johnny that Doc Holliday was his father. She finally single her wisdom and told Johnny seeing she did not want him to end up like his real father.

Wyatt agrees to help Kate but decided he capital some assistance wherefore he called his colleague, Bat Masterson, to help him discover the underworld of the Unlike York mafia. These two soon boast themselves in very deep.

What happens when Earp meets face - to - face with Al Capone? Does he manage to make it out alive?

Pitch-dark Hats is a right - written book. You will be amazed how Patrick Culhane adds actuality and fiction together to come up with this angelic read. It is always interesting when an author blends fact and fiction and does it in such a conduct that the reader feels approximative they are reading nothing but facts. This is one of those great " number one guys against the good guys " novels. Be sure to add this one to your reading list. You cede thoroughly enjoy this novel.

Altared Book Review

The editor of this book, Colleen Curan, was engaged for three years before she was married. She was a little overcome by everything involved in planning a wedding. She was interested in finding out how women view weddings today. This book is a result of her findings.

This book includes 27 essays written by writers on all aspects involved in planning a wedding. The sections covered by the essays are, taking the vow, the dress, plans and preparations, etiquette and registry, weddings and the single nymph, family and budget, acceptance hitched and for better or for worse.

This book is an entertaining read for anyone whether they are married or at peace unrelated. It shows the reader exhaustive the aggravation and emotions that a bride - to - be goes through as she is planning her wedding. The reader leave find the essays very slapstick at times and I'm sure they will bring back a few memories for some of the women who are just now married and have gone through unreduced the wedding planning stress. Known are also a few else serious type essays consistent as the one written by Jennifer Armstrong that tells how she called off her wedding. This is a good read and one that I highly push for.

Volk's Game by Brent Ghelfi Book Review.txt

Alekei " Volk " Volkovoy leads an interesting life - or should we say a " double life ". He is a military operative who was injured in Russia's Chechnya war. He is also a big time gangster involved in many illegal activities including drugs and prostitution.

Volk gets a phone call from Maxim. He asked Volk what he knew about art. Volk's answer was " I have a master's degree in history " which is something Aphorism did not necessity to glimpse. Maxim asked Volk to talk to Gromov. One thing you did not do was to say no to Aphorism. Once Gromov arrived he wanted to discuss the " racket opportunity ". Volk insisted that he does not do " partners ".

What are these men after? They right-hand to conduct an art heist of a painting done by DaVinci called Leda and the Swan from a hidden chamber in St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum.

Experienced were several characters that would be playing an crucial role in the art larceny. One of the most interesting characters was the General.

The chronicle gets very interesting because Volk is really indebted to the two men involved - the General and Maxim. Which one will he betray? Will it cost him his life?

This is a well - written book and one in which the author's very descriptive writing style creates an atmosphere where the reader will endure like they are stand up there in Moscow taking part in this feature. The characters are well drawn and do an excellent part in bringing this apologue together. Readers will find Volk to be an interesting, complicated character who is completely different from other leading characters they have read about in the past. You soon learn that he is a person you don't want raving at you. Even though he goes on some rampages, you can't help but like him. The book is fast paced, has many twists in the plot and leave keep the reader interested throughout the story. If you are looking for an adventuresome book to read, be sure to add this one to your list!

‘call If You Need Me’ By Carver

Raymond Carver is a famous writer whose importance in American literature is impossible to overestimate. His prose is exceptional, accurate and clear. In the 1980s a deep interest and vivid representation of the private lives of Carver’s characters became an innovation in literature of that time. ‘Call if You Need Me’ contains five brilliant stories which give the last look on the writer’s works. Reading his stories a person gets only a pleasure.

Raymond Carver’s book ‘Call if You Need Me’ appeared succeeding the author’s death. It is a complete collection of fiction and it includes all of the prose placid in ‘No Heroics’ and five stories which were written by Carver in the second part of his life. The book ‘Call if You Need Me’ is a collection of stories which describe lives and wee crises of unambitious people. The story ‘Call if You Need Me’ displays author’s unique prose style as he puts his characters, ordinary people, to solve everyday problems, homely crises – in a word, ordinary life problems.

The plot structure of the story ‘Call if You Need Me’ consists of the main elements: front in which the author introduces characters, vicinity of boost of events; rising action, in other vociferation, the circumstance of several characters; climax, or turning point of the whole story; falling action and resolution. The author does not invent incredible things; he composes the plot of the story showing common situations in life. Every reader can be hard of Carver’s talent, his inadvertent and immediate writing having read the story. ‘Call if You Need Me’ is about the dissolution of a long - term matrimonial, one of the extreme themes of his stories.

The first bite of the plot structure ( exposition ) in this yarn is the introduction of a married append who figure to spend the summer well-balanced renting a summer place far from their setup. This adjudication and the change of conditions is only an attempt to maintain their relationships. Inasmuch as, this is the beginning of the end of their married life. Rising action takes situation when a couple discusses the possibility of having a dog. The episode with a dog is indicative. This abstract from the story clearly demonstrates that these people will not live together and their attempt to ‘repair’ their marriage leave not bring positive impact like in the decision to have a dog.

The climax, or turning point, and falling action come when the entwine has the final domination watching wild horses running. No one makes effective scenes like Carver does. The author uses a chitchat ‘magic’ in the description of this moment. Symbolic words are characteristic for Carver’s works. His stories are full of delusive simplicity in the description of characters who attempt to make their lives better. Everyone gets a pleasure from reading them. In every page of ‘Call if You Need Me’, Raymond Carner shows his magnanimity and loyalty to his characters. He pictures relationships of a man and a woman with many nuances.

‘Call if You Need Me’ is a awesome story, beautiful in every description, in every word. Much attention is paid to small details and moments in a couple’s life. Carver uses every word in a description. The author admires actions of people and they are everywhere in a feature. He has a rare ability to look deep into a soul and display the inner feelings. Raymond Carner composes a story according to his plot articulation. He masterly leads his readers to a eventual point in a story. The result, final neb in a story is glaring and the author helps readers to see it.