Monday, May 28, 2007

The Bobbed Haired Bandit By Stephen Duncombe And Andrew Mattson Book Review

If you thought Bonnie and Clyde really pulled off some robberies, wait until you read about this team!

Celia and Ed lived together for several months. Ed bought her an engagement ring. They were soon married and lived well-adjusted in a furnished room. Celia had a job at the nearby Ostrander Company and earned twelve dollars a week. Ed worked at a garage and brought inland thirty dollars a week. They were very happy but did not save any money. Ed kept insisting that Celia permit herself some phat costume.

A short time later, Celia was pregnant. Ed promised her that they would get a real home for the baby. How did he plan to do this? The job he held did not pay very surpassingly but it had some perks. Ed borrowed one of his boss's cars once in a while. Ed worked as a welder at the garage and managed to make some phony license plates to mislead the police. Ed also managed to get some guns and he and Celia would " practice " their hold - ups before doing the real thing. They started by holding up home stores. Due to her hairstyle, Celia became published as the " Bobbed Haired Bandit ".

It didn't take long for the couple to realize that this money would not last very long in consequence they took off for Florida where they were captured soon close the death of their daughter.

The newspapers loved Celia. Journalists were fascinated with her because of her poor childhood and she made the perfect cliffhanger for magazines.

What becomes of Celia and Ed Cooney?

You don't have to read very remarkably of this book to get engrossed in the story. I think, for me, it happened on page one - I was caught. The authors do a unheard-of job in telling the story of these two outlaws. It is very obvious that they spent a great functioning of time doing research for this book. The book includes many photographs of the couple. The authors do an excellent job of portraying Celia's personality and it really comes through. I have never heard of Celia and Ed Cooney - I don't know why but I'm sure brash this book was written. This is a must book to carry to your reading list. It is fast paced, never gets threadbare and takes the reader on one wild ride!

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