Monday, May 28, 2007

Straits Of Fortune By Anthony Gagliano

Jack is made an offer to do a job for an amount of $100, 000. Is it worth the price? He is not too sure once he gets involved!

Jack Vaughn is a former New York City police officer who is directly working as a personal trainer and has some very wealthy clients. He had a few problems when he was a police harbinger and was just trying to withhold out of trouble.

Something happened one day that could really change Jack's life. He received a call from " The Colonel ". Jack could not figure out what Colonel Patterson was doing in Miami in the heat of summer. Proximate all, anyone with money normally left to go sometime else in the ovenlike weather.

Colonel Patterson was a West Point graduate with a doctorate in chemistry. He immediate his own company, Pellucid Labs, locality he made a fortune. It also didn't hurt that the Colonel had a very admirable daughter - someone that Jack trained for free.

Jack arrived at the Colonel's rack but as they were trying to carry on a casual conversation, Jack noticed the Colonel was not listening to anything he was saying. Instead, the Colonel kept staring out at his yacht. Why?

The Colonel offered Jack 100, 000 to embed the yacht. The yacht had something on board that could put his tomboy, Vivian, in jail. Jack really could use the money but declined the offer - that is until Vivian paid him a appointment wearing a dress that " clung to her hips and fell into the curve of her thigh ". Consequently it did not take too much convincing to make Jack change his mind.

He agrees to sink the yacht. What does he find once he boards the yacht and what happens after he sinks it? Is Jack in that double - crossed? Who can he trust?

Straits of Fortune is one of those books you want to keep on reading no matter how slow it gets in order to find out the conclusion. It is difficult, at times, to find a book that just takes hold of you from the very beginning but this one will do exactly that. This is Anthony Gagliano's debut thriller and you consign find it hard to conclude this is his first book. Jack Vaughn is new character on the noir scene and one that I hope leave result in a series. Readers will enjoy the game being played between the Colonel and Jack and will wonder who will attend out the winner. The author also does a good job in setting the atmosphere with his descriptions of Miami. This is one you don't want to dame. Be sure to add Straits of Fortune to your reading list.

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