Monday, May 28, 2007

Blue Springs by Peter Rennebohm Book Review

Charlie Nash is really looking forward to a hunting trip with his father and dog, Taffy. What he thought would be a good time with his Dad turns out to be a nightmare!

Charlie's father, Frank, is an alcoholic. On the day of the trip, Frank had too much to drink and ran another car off the road, has a confrontation with other hunters and is arrested. The weekend is desperate for Charlie who decides experienced is cipher unattended for him to do but run away from home.

Charlie had a best coin collection forsaken to him by his uncle. Charlie's uncle had told him about a coin dealer. Charlie took the coins to the dealer but soon finds out that the man has died in a strange accident. The dead man's sidekick looked at the coins and realized they were worth a fortune but managed not to mention this to Charlie. Charlie decided not to sell the coins. The coin dealer was not happy to ascertain this and hired a hit man to impress the coins no matter what the cost.

Charlie and Taffy are on their road to a new life but are pursued by two men. One has a score to settle with Charlie's father and the other is meeting the valuable coin collection.

Charlie meets a comrade named Quill and the two become friends and help each other. Quill also has something going on in his life but he wants to do his best to protect Charlie and Taffy.

Peter Rennebohm has written a novel that could only be described as an author writing at his best. The reader will be captivated by this story and it is one that you will look forward to reading each day. The characters are great drawn and the reader will enjoy the moving moments between Quill and Charlie. This book has many ingredients in it to make it a good read - mystery, greed, and adventure. Be sure to add this one to your reading list. This is a novel I highly recommend.

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