Monday, May 28, 2007

Altared Book Review

The editor of this book, Colleen Curan, was engaged for three years before she was married. She was a little overcome by everything involved in planning a wedding. She was interested in finding out how women view weddings today. This book is a result of her findings.

This book includes 27 essays written by writers on all aspects involved in planning a wedding. The sections covered by the essays are, taking the vow, the dress, plans and preparations, etiquette and registry, weddings and the single nymph, family and budget, acceptance hitched and for better or for worse.

This book is an entertaining read for anyone whether they are married or at peace unrelated. It shows the reader exhaustive the aggravation and emotions that a bride - to - be goes through as she is planning her wedding. The reader leave find the essays very slapstick at times and I'm sure they will bring back a few memories for some of the women who are just now married and have gone through unreduced the wedding planning stress. Known are also a few else serious type essays consistent as the one written by Jennifer Armstrong that tells how she called off her wedding. This is a good read and one that I highly push for.

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